Who Uses Productive Balance? | Employer | Parent | Life Coaches | Student

One of the best features of the Productive Balance tool is that anyone can use it and benefit from it.  It was designed with everyone in mind!

Some of the most common uses are:

  • Individuals:  Get more of the right things done and keep your life in balance.
  • Businesses (large and small):  Become more closely connected with your employees by tracking productivity and analyze the amount of time spent on different job responsibilities
  • Parents / Kids: Set goals for your kids in all areas of their lives (school, chores, behavior, fun, etc) and hold them accountable for reaching those goals.  Use Productive Balance as a tool to track their overall performance and reward them appropriately based on their results.
  • ADD / ADHD Challenged: Manage your ADD / ADHD by listing and planning all of the little things that need to get done.  Feel a sense of accomplishment by watching your scores rise as you earn points for accomplishing your Tasks.
  • Teachers / Students : Track assignments and expectations for each class.  Students, use a teacher, counselor, tutor, or parent as your accountability partner to make sure that you’re staying on track.
  • Coaches / Clients: Clients, use Productive Balance to list your action items in between sessions and keep your coach engaged as your accountability partner.  Coaches, incorporate Productive Balance into the services that you already offer and promote it as a selling feature to get more clients signed-on.

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