“I created Productive Balance because I knew that everyone could greatly benefit from a systematic approach to planning goals and tracking personal productivity. I designed PB to be completely customizable-everybody can take advantage of this built in flexibility and use Productive Balance however it works best for them! The Core Values feature guides you towardsfocusing your time and energy on the areas of life that you deem most important.The sense of accomplishment that one feels after completing a Session is a great motivator to achieve even more. I encourage you to select Productive Balance as your productivity partner and invite you to become part of the PB Community today!” Brian Osher, Inventor and CEO of Productive Balance


“Some days are just so busy in all directions.  As a homeschooling parent, freelance photographer and active church and community volunteer, I used to feel so overwhelmed. Since I started using Productive Balance, my ability to set goals and measure my success against my Core Values has completely changed the way I manage my entire life. Recently, I started using Productive Balance to focus on my business goals, and my income has quadrupled! I’ve consistently met quarterly financial targets, I’ve tripled my clientele, and I now feel like every single day is a new and exciting challenge. Using Productive Balance and working with my Sponsor have encouraged me to work harder and hold myself accountable for what I set out to achieve.  With Productive Balance, my children get their Mommy, my husband gets his wife, my business and community get the attention that they need, and I even get time for Me!  I’m so glad I have Productive Balance to keep me on track. I love it!” Tammy L., KY


“In the past I have had trouble accomplishing enough of the right things.  I am happy to say that ever since a friend introduced me to Productive Balance, getting stuff done is no longer an issue!  I set up my weekly Session on Sunday night, and I know exactly what I need to follow through on during the upcoming week.  I stay motivated using the point system-I have fun challenging myself to improve my score from week to week.  Now I am the one recommending Productive Balance to friends and family!” Sam H., CA


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