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Brian Osher – Founder  / CEO, Productive Balance LLC

Productive Balance is the brilliant creation of Brian Osher, highly successful life coach and entrepreneurial guru with a passion for excellence. As a strategic planner and born visionary, Brian advanced his career to new levels in 2007 when he established GAIN Life Coaching and GAIN Life Global LLC. In 2011, his dream of taking his coaching practice one step further and reaching out to a wider audience fully blossomed when he launched Productive Balance LLC.

Brian comes from a business background, specializing in project management, consulting, training and team building. Well respected as a Leadership Trainer with expertise in Personal and Business Productivity, Time Management and Training Program Facilitation, Brian is a Business Management graduate of the University of Phoenix and a certified Life Coach from CoachU. Rooted in the firm belief that all things are possible once we put our minds to it, Brian’s results-focused persistence and can-do approach are the fundamental elements that gave birth to Productive Balance.

Turning a Dream into Reality – A Fresh Perspective from Brian Osher

As a child and young adult, I always experienced great frustration in trying to get things done. In part, this was one of the driving factors that led me to the career path of coaching. As I looked back on my own life and my role as a husband and parent to two amazing children, I started to see the infinite possibilities in following a systematic approach to planning goals and tracking personal productivity. In essence, my clients taught me so much about who I am not only as a coach but also as an individual.

Over time, as I began to see the success of my coaching practice unfold, I was amazed at the lasting change that began to take place in my clients’ lives. It is highly rewarding for me to watch them grow and work hard to achieve their dreams. As a coach, I see myself as a mentor or a sponsor, someone who holds clients accountable for their actions while challenging them to be their best! In my work, I like to use the term ‘accountability partner’—someone who champions another individual along the path of success.

In the early stages, the idea behind Productive Balance started out as a simple list of tasks to be accomplished. Things started to change when I decided to prioritize items on my list by assigning a point value to each item: higher priority tasks received higher point values. By setting up this framework, my progress was evaluated by comparing points earned to points possible. Taking it one step further, I added the ability to track and measure life balance, which was the essential ingredient to make my traditional to-do list come alive.

The true concept of Productive Balance began to soar when I identified key areas in my life and called them my personal core values. Applying the same logic, I assigned a core value to each of the tasks on my list. By doing this, it became very clear to me which areas of my life were getting the most and least attention.

After several months of using Productive Balance, I noticed that I was starting to get more things done than ever before. I immediately felt motivated to earn a high number of points—just like a student who wants to get a good grade on a test in school. After a few months of using the system, I introduced Productive Balance to a few of my coaching clients. They loved it! From this point on, it was clear that there was a public need for a platform like this. There was no question in my mind—I had to develop it.

One of my first coaching clients has been using Productive Balance since its beginning. Here’s what she has to share with new users:

“Some days are just so busy in all directions. Since I started using Productive Balance, my ability to set goals and measure my success against my core values has completely changed the way I manage my entire life. Recently, I started using Productive Balance to focus on my business goals, and my income has quadrupled! I’ve consistently met quarterly financial targets, I’ve tripled my clientele, and I now feel like every single day is a new and exciting challenge. Using Productive Balance and working with my sponsor has encouraged me to work harder and hold myself accountable for what I set out to achieve. Just knowing that my sponsor will receive an email update on my progress makes me stay on my toes because I want to be able to say, ‘Yes, I succeeded on my actions this week!’ I’m so glad I have Productive Balance to keep me on track. I love it!” – Tammy, Lexington, KY

How Productive Balance Changed My Life

Feeling in control in all areas of my life is a natural motivator. Using Productive Balance gives me a true sense of accomplishment after each task I complete; the best part of using the system is that it fully engages me in the process. I designed Productive Balance to be completely customizable by the user. Having the freedom and flexibility to assign point values to each task motivates me to earn higher scores. I want to challenge myself to do more, and I feel satisfied that I am accomplishing tasks in the areas of my life that are most important to me.

Productive Balance In Action

The ability to evaluate, prioritize, and categorize so many areas of my personal life led me to use Productive Balance in managing my business. The result was astounding. My sense of vision increased tenfold as I saw new doorways for growth and opportunity.

Next, I introduced Productive Balance to my 10-year-old daughter to help her move forward and embrace the rewards of personal growth. We worked closely together to identify life goals that are most important to her and her parents. She now has daily and weekly tasks for each area of importance: school, chores, family time, learning about finances, softball, and even fun. Essentially, these are her core values. I reward my daughter with a weekly allowance that is based on the total score and measured productivity for the sessions we set up together. She thrives on playing an active role in reaching goals, and she is motivated by being held accountable for her choices and actions. Now, as parents, my wife and I can be totally consistent in managing her tasks and giving rewards. Kids can be benefit from using Productive Balance in so many ways—and it brings great joy to me to teach my daughter how to begin creating the life she wants for herself at such a young age.

Realize Your Dreams

On behalf of the entire team at Productive Balance, I would like to welcome you to our community! I am proud to work with a highly talented group of professionals and exceptional communicators who bring a wide range of expertise to all users. Our resources are plentiful, and we will soon expand our offerings to a full line of e-books to enhance your journey along the path of successful goal-setting. We are pleased that you have chosen Productive Balance as your productivity partner, and we are certain you are going to move your life forward in ways you have never imagined. We invite you to use Productive Balance to realize your dreams once and for all!

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