Scientific Studies

ADD or ADHD Scientific Studies

We at Productive Balance recognize the struggles that those challenged with ADD or ADHD face on a daily basis. It is our belief that our online organizational and productivity tool can greatly enhance the day-to-day functioning of those struggling to manage their ADD or ADHD. Scientific research suggests that if given the opportunity to track and measure their own progress, the accuracy and volume of output (productivity) of these individuals will increase. An excerpt from a research study conducted by Shimabukuro, Prater, Jenkins, and Edelen-Smith (Education & Treatment of Children) states, “The results of this study indicate that self-monitoring is an effective procedure for helping …improve … performance and attentional behaviors.”


It is for this reason that we feel compelled to provide Productive Balance to these individuals at no cost. If ADD or ADHD challenges you or your child, please take advantage of our offer of a FREE annual Premium Membership, and let us welcome you into the PB Community today!


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