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Be more focused and gain clarity. Feel a sense of accomplishment. Stay on track. Wipe out procrastination!

Productive Balance


Get More of the RIGHT Things Done!

Be More Productive!

Points-valued tasks help you take prioritized action.

Find More Balance!

Defined values motivate you to work smarter, not harder.

Accomplish your goals by partnering with a Sponsor.

See Immediate Results!

Get a real-time snapshot of your measurable efforts.

How will you use YOUR Productive Balance?

Use Productive Balance to achieve greater focus and clarity. Eliminate procrastination and gain ideal results!
Invite a friend or family member to become your accountability partner. Sponsors are notified of your progress via PB Email and can motivate you to maximize results.
Productive Balance allows Members to capture Information regarding personal goals and productivity all in one place.
PB allows Members to create goal driven personalized Sessions comprised of customized Tasks.
Invite multiple Sponsors and build your own Support Team. When Members support one another, everyone achieves more!
Your progress is plotted against the visual backdrop of the Calendar. This format offers a quick snapshot of your accomplishments.
Tasks are Member defined action items attached to due dates and points. PB takes your “to do list” to a whole new level!
Support one another using our unique PB Connect feature. Help each other stay motivated and on track to success by leaving supportive comments and feedback directly through PB.
Members receive due date driven Notifications monitoring their progress via PB Email.
PB allows you to identify your personal and professional Core Values and attach them to Tasks within Sessions.
Use Productive Balance to help you Manage your Important Project from beginning to end. Utilize our Connect feature to engage, motivate, and hold all team members accountable for enhanced results
PB provides a wide variety of Reporting Options designed to help you track your productivity and maintain your results.
Take advantage of PB’s revolutionary system and work towards achieving optimal Life Balance through the recognition and implementation of your Core Values.
Access Productive Balance directly through our Facebook Application and allow your Friends and Family to view your progress and offer you support!
Find the key to success with PB’s cutting edge Performance Management System. Accomplish more of your goals, in less time!


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